Photo Features

Pasola: Blood Sacrifice in Sumba

The Pasola festival takes places annually on the Indonesian island of Sumba – ushering in a bountiful harvest, it involves huge amounts of bloodshed.


Inside the War on Wildlife Crime

Wildlife crime not only threatens nature’s most iconic species, but exacerbates poverty and corruption, funding an entire spectrum of international crime.

Gabon | Thailand | Kenya

Bajau Laut: Last of the Sea Nomads

An ethnic group of Malay origin, the Bajau Laut have for centuries lived almost entirely at sea. They are some of the last true nomads of the ocean.

Malaysia | Philippines | Indonesia

Dredging the Great Barrier Reef

For decades the Great Barrier Reef has enjoyed World Heritage Status, but recent plans to expand its coal exports are putting it under threat.


Bolivia’s Chipaya and the Altiplano

The Chipaya are the living relic of an ancient past – the only remnant of the Tiwanaku civilization, which predates the Inca by 2,500 years.


Bolivia’s Plans to Power the Future

Bolivia’s vast salt flats contain the greatest concentrations of lithium on earth, and South America’s poorest country has plans to corner the market in 21st century energy storage.


Sri Lanka: Searching for Reconciliation

Three years on from the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war, progress has been made – but there are warnings of continued discontent amongst marginalised communities.

Sri Lanka

Resource Extraction in West Papua

One of the last great frontier wildernesses, West Papua is also the backdrop to one of the most severely underreported conflicts in recent history.


Cholitas: Fighting Back in Bolivia

Yolanda Veraluz was one of the first cholita luchadores in Bolivia. Like almost all her fellow female wrestlers, she’s indigenous Aymara.


Among the Kazakh Eagle Hunters

A look at the lives of a family of Kazakh Eagle Hunters in a remote region of the Altai mountains in Bayan Olgii, Western Mongolia.


21st Century Wildlife Management

Outside of Tanzania’s national parks, lands set aside as wildlife management areas provide rural communities with ways to benefit from conserving wildlife.